He Is

Welcome to Week 2 of the Circle of Friends Challenge hosted by Raili at Soul Gifts.  Here is this week’s assignment:

Who is your closest friend? Is there one or more?  It may be someone from childhood. It may be your faithful four legged friend.  Is it someone who has come into your life recently yet feels like you have known each other forever? What is it about them that makes them so special? What senses (sight, sound, smell, feel) do they evoke in you? What memories do you share? What form does your special relationship take? Do you bare your heart and soul to each other, warts and all? Do you laugh, cry, celebrate life together? How often do you catch up with each other? Is it in person, by phone, through social media? Is it someone you  rarely connect with, yet each time you do, you pick up as if it were only yesterday? Is it someone who has passed through your life yet the memories retain a closeness?

There is only person who is all these things and more to me: MY HUSBAND.  My husband and I will celebrate our seventeenth wedding anniversary May 29th, but we have been together for over twenty-five years.  We are high school sweethearts ❤

I love my husband because of who he is.  He has seen the best and worst of me (which can be pretty scary!), but he loves me any way. I could not ask for a better father for our children.  My husband is all that I’m not, and so much better than I deserve.  He is living proof that God not only provides all we need, He also gives us the desires of our heart. ❤

Video credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3H5zMeD2Rs

Maybe I’m Crazy….Possibly?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I’ve Become My Parents.”

After becoming a parent, I gained a new appreciation for my own.  And although I SWORE it would never happen, I have become my parents, specifically my mother.

Like any pre-teen, I was anxious to date, hangout with my friends, go places and do things independent of my parents.  My mother wasn’t strict, but she was stern so the simplest infraction would result in a loss of privileges.  Whenever I would go out for the evening, her parting words to me would always be “Don’t do anything crazy!”  How those words annoyed me!  I was NOT crazy, and I knew that because I knew everything as a petulant adolescent.  I ignored her warnings, doing any and everything I was big enough and bad enough to do.

Now I am a mom of two teenagers and a pre-teen, all of whom are anxious to spread their wings and fly solo.  Whenever they leave the house for an evening out with friends, I worry.  So many thoughts run rampant, and there is much I want to say:

  • Be careful, stay safe
  • Mind your manners; don’t be rude
  • Remember your upbringing
  • Be a leader, not a follower
  • Your actions have consequences
  • Call if you need us

All appropriate, but there is not enough time to voice my concerns.  So I simply say, “Don’t do anything crazy!”

Thank you, Mom ❤