Friendly Advice

This is week four of the Circle of Friends Challenge hosted by Raili.  I encourage you to visit soulgifts to learn more about this amazing phenomena.

This week’s theme invites you to share your most unique experience of friendship. What moment, memory, experience, person comes to mind?

I met Jerusher while out shopping.  I quickly discovered that she was a regional sales director for a cosmetics company, and she was recruiting new sales representatives for her team.  Jerusher was poised and polished.  Her hair was perfectly coiffed, her makeup, flawless.  Her outfit was chic and stylish, expertly complimented by high-end accessories.  Everything about her screamed “success.”  Disenchanted with my current position (low pay and long hours), I accepted her a lunch invitation to learn more about this opportunity.
Jerusher’s sales pitch was persuasive, and I am ready to sign on the dotted line before the waiter brought the check!  After a couple of days and a long talk with my husband, we decided this was not the right opportunity for me.  A salesman at heart, Jerusher was not easily deterred.  She called me a couple of days each week for about a month, trying to convince me to join her team.
Over the course of our telephone conversations, we struck up a friendship of sorts.  We connected over our roles as working wives and mothers and the struggles therein.  Jerusher explained that she was once like me, frustrated with a job that drained her physically and emotionally.  Selling cosmetics was her way out and could afford me the same opportunity.
I gave her every excuse I could think of, even sharing words of advice offered by well-meaning family and friends who cautioned against leaving a secure position for a job in sales.  I will never forget her response:
“Who are these people and what are they doing with their lives?  Whether you join my team or not, do not take advice from people you don’t want to be like.”  This was a game changer for me.
In the end, I did not join her team, and after many attempts, she did eventually stop calling and emailing.  I haven’t talked to her or seen her since then, but her words stayed with me, constantly in the back of my mind when others offer advice whether solicited or unsolicited.  I always ask myself: is this someone I want to emulate?
I realize this is why I met this lady, to gain this invaluable piece of information.  I honor her and our brief association by paying it forward.

Belated Birthdays

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Welcome to Week Three Circle of Friends Challenge hosted by Raili of soulgifts.  This week’s theme is Friendship and Gifting:

WEEK 3 Theme : Friendship and Gifting

Have you ever received a precious, priceless gift from a friend? Or given one yourself? What was it, and what made it so special? OR imagine gifting something priceless to a friend. What would you choose and why?

Stacy is one of my closest friends. Two years older than me, she is actually more like a big sister.  We attended the same high school, and we like to joke that I followed her to college, selecting the same course of study and pledging the same sorority.

Our friendship continued beyond college graduation, growing stronger over the years. We’ve celebrated one another’s successes (marriage, children, master’s degrees, promotions, etc.) as well as supported one another through life’s challenges.  No matter what happens, I know I can always count on my dear friend Stacy.

There is one area of our relationship in need of maintenance: BIRTHDAYS! We generally do not exchange gifts, but we do send cards to mark the occasion.  However, the cards are ALWAYS late!  Both Stacy and I conjure up a million and one excuses to explain why the day comes and goes while the card (purchased weeks in advance!) sits on the desk, in the car or in a purse, most times properly addressed and stamped, patiently awaiting it’s journey to the U.S. post office.  We always call one another on our actual birthday, and each year, the first few lines of the conversation goes something like this :


“Happy Birthday, Sweetie/Girl/Lady/Ma’am!”

“Thank You!”

“Your card is in the mail!” (immediately followed by a round of laughter)

Even our husbands tease us about our inability to mail our cards in a timely manner. The cards are always carefully selected and perfectly reflect our twenty plus years of friendship.  However, the sentiments are always belated 🙂

He Is

Welcome to Week 2 of the Circle of Friends Challenge hosted by Raili at Soul Gifts.  Here is this week’s assignment:

Who is your closest friend? Is there one or more?  It may be someone from childhood. It may be your faithful four legged friend.  Is it someone who has come into your life recently yet feels like you have known each other forever? What is it about them that makes them so special? What senses (sight, sound, smell, feel) do they evoke in you? What memories do you share? What form does your special relationship take? Do you bare your heart and soul to each other, warts and all? Do you laugh, cry, celebrate life together? How often do you catch up with each other? Is it in person, by phone, through social media? Is it someone you  rarely connect with, yet each time you do, you pick up as if it were only yesterday? Is it someone who has passed through your life yet the memories retain a closeness?

There is only person who is all these things and more to me: MY HUSBAND.  My husband and I will celebrate our seventeenth wedding anniversary May 29th, but we have been together for over twenty-five years.  We are high school sweethearts ❤

I love my husband because of who he is.  He has seen the best and worst of me (which can be pretty scary!), but he loves me any way. I could not ask for a better father for our children.  My husband is all that I’m not, and so much better than I deserve.  He is living proof that God not only provides all we need, He also gives us the desires of our heart. ❤

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Friendship Mud Map

Fellow blogger Raili at Soul Gifts is sponsoring a Circle of Friends Challenge.  The topic for week one is to develop a friendship road map.  After an exhaustive Google search, I discovered an image that reflects my views on relationships.


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My inner circle are those closest to me and know me best.  This circle is intentionally small, consisting of my husband and two best friends.

The next level includes those who loving, but are inattentive and distant.  This is where I would place the majority of my family.

The outer level is everyone else: distant relatives, co-workers, and other casual acquaintances.  These relationships are based primarily on circumstances.

This is my view on friendship.  What about you?  How would your friendship mud map look?