The Ice Princess

Legend has it that a single touch of the Ice Princess could chill you from the inside out.  Flowers wither and die.  Trees become barren, leaving only icy limbs.  Rivers and streams are stilled, becoming frozen tundra.  The air around her held a constant chill.

The Ice Princess was a beautiful maiden with long, flowing platinum blond hair.  Her skin was pale and translucent, reflecting the surrounding light.  Her eyes were held the tint of a full moon, swirling shades of electric silvers, muted grays, and soft blues.  But her beauty was fatal.  Those who ventured too close learned of her power only seconds before their hearts literally hardened in their chest as their blood turned ice cold.  

The power of life and death at her fingertips.

This is my offering for the 115th Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge hosted by Priceless Joy.  Many thanks to Ioniangraphics for this week’s prompt.  Click here for more amazing stories.

4 comments on “The Ice Princess

  1. She just needs a puppy to warm her up. 🙂

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  2. kdub28 says:

    Cold blooded literally. Lol

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