Perfect Crime

three line tales week 59: Happy St. Patrick's Day

photo by Brian Gaid via Unsplash

Exhaling, I finally relaxed, adjusting my seat as we reached our cruising altitude, and the pilot turned off the “fasten seat belt” sign.

Anxiety consumed me from the moment Iโ€™d boarded the Metro, tightening its hold as I checked in for my one-way flight, and practically suffocating me as I boarded the aircraft in search of my seat.

The flight was a smooth one, and as both the hours and the distance increased, it seemed unlikely anyone would ever know the depths of my depravity and my unimaginable betrayal.

This is my offering for Week 59 of the Three Lines Tale challenge hosted by Sonya at Only 100 Words.



6 comments on “Perfect Crime

  1. Now you’ve left me wanting to know the secrets.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Martin Cororan says:

    You’ve betrayed flash fiction by writing a piece that now demands a novel be constructed around it…I trust it will be suitably depraved…

    Liked by 1 person

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