One Day

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I stare in the store window each day, admiring the finery. Lifeless mannequins adorned in jewels, furs, and other couture fashion.  The display changes with the season, each one more spectacular than the last.

I return to my cold and sparsely furnished home. Gazing in the broken mirror, I examine my tattered rags, imagining myself in the finest attire.  One day, I think.

After years of longing, one day finally arrives. No one notices as I stand in front of the window, one hand on my shopping cart filled with all my worldly possessions, the other holding a brick.

This is my offering for this week’s Moral Monday Challenge hosted by Nortina of Lovely Curses.  This week’s prompt is:

Look, Don’t Touch

Your assignment is to write a story/fable (in any genre) that will teach this lesson.

No need to use the moral in your post, just write the story and let your readers learn the lesson all on their own.

Please limit your fable to 100 words.

After you’ve written your 100-word fable, ping back to this prompt page by simply pasting this link somewhere on your post.

Tag your story Moral Mondays so we can find you in the WordPress Reader! You can even use the badge to make your post more visible.


Expect a recap of the previous week’s fables along with a new moral prompt every Sunday evening at 6:00 PM (EST).

Everyone who participates will have their story shared right here in our recap carousel, so please tag and ping back, otherwise I can’t give you your proper shoutout.

Learn more about Moral Mondays here



7 comments on “One Day

  1. Poor thing. Life can be tough in itself and contentment helps a lot.

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  2. Nortina S. says:

    I love this story! It’s so frustrating how materialistic this world has become. We measure people not by who they are but by who they where. In a world like this, how can anyone question with a straight face why someone resorts to crime? There’s always an answer, and sometimes, it’s not because they’re a bad person…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lynn Love says:

    Great spin on the prompt, Kay. Your character has taken their destiny (and their brick) in their own hands. Love the range of stories these prompts inspire – so different from anything I thought of. Lovely stuff

    Liked by 1 person

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