Waxing Poetic: I Leave Bits of Me Everywhere by Karen Swank-Fitch

Image Credit: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/1c/d4/89/1cd4892b866df5ea07969c24f0d66303.jpg

I Leave Bits of Me Everywhere by Karen Swank-Fitch 


poem-words are my clothing, stripped late at night

a trail from the threshold to the foot of bed

along the stairs lay verbs

the actions i need to climb twelve steps at 2 am

a vowel left adjacent to toothbrush

i get sloppy with tartar and allusions

over the cornice of mirror, hangs a strand of pearly metaphors

a simile in my sink

a limerick needing to be laundered

the clothes hamper is full of rimes & meters in want of mending

kick off the shoes,

make a pile of cacophony

wrap myself in the plum flannel of sonnet

hair up-tied with haiku

find the resting place for naked poet... 

in ambiance i light a candle

a sestina goes up in flames.

Credit: http://www.tnellen.com/cybereng/poetry/bits.html

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