Reblog: The Epitome of a Wise Woman

Beautiful poetry by Yvonne Lott of Peaceful Journey.  Please visit her blog to discover

“writings that are thought-provoking, encouraging, inspirational, challenging, and motivating.” – Yvonne Lott

Lyf Mindset Strategies


A wise woman is not concerned

whether she looks like a Barbie.

She comes to peace with her new”adult”look,

and she wears her “adult size” with pride.

A wise woman does not fret because

she is over thirty-something.

She thanks God for each day of her passing years

and appreciates she is still among the living.


A wise woman doesn’t spend her life

lamenting over past failures but looks

at her disappointments as opportunities

to move forward to her next life lessons.

A wise woman isn’t defined

by a man or the lack of a man in her life.

She realizes if he is in her life she is an

enhancement to his life and he is to hers.

A wise woman doesn’t wait

for others to validate her.

She provides validation with the

confidence she displays in herself.

A wise woman does not compete

among other women to be prettiest…

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