Are You a Writer?

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I struggle with calling myself a “writer” even though I do write.  I am comfortable more comfortable with the term “aspiring author”.  I consider “writer” a title of nobility someone must bestow upon me (silly, I know).

This article from The Write Life surveyed various authors via social media and compiled a list of twenty-six tale-tell signs that you are indeed a writer.

“The results are hilarious, honest and heartfelt.” ~ The Write Life


9 comments on “Are You a Writer?

  1. Apparently, I am most definitely a writer. Nearly every one of those applies to me!

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  2. K E Garland says:

    So funny. I recently tweeted that the best advice anyone gave me was to stop calling myself an aspiring writer.

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    • Kay Morris says:

      Someone shared the same advice with me a while ago. Writing is like running for me. I do run but because I’m not able to run at a record setting pace, I don’t call myself a runner. I haven’t quite discovered why I am reluctant to call myself a writer.

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  3. trE says:

    If you’re writing, you’re a Writer.

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