Friendship Mud Map

Fellow blogger Raili at Soul Gifts is sponsoring a Circle of Friends Challenge.  The topic for week one is to develop a friendship road map.  After an exhaustive Google search, I discovered an image that reflects my views on relationships.


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My inner circle are those closest to me and know me best.  This circle is intentionally small, consisting of my husband and two best friends.

The next level includes those who loving, but are inattentive and distant.  This is where I would place the majority of my family.

The outer level is everyone else: distant relatives, co-workers, and other casual acquaintances.  These relationships are based primarily on circumstances.

This is my view on friendship.  What about you?  How would your friendship mud map look?


10 comments on “Friendship Mud Map

  1. Soul Gifts says:

    Hi Kay, I just realised I somehow missed your mud map! My sincerest apologies 😦 I’m not sure how that happened,
    You’ve captured friendships beautifully. I love your wording – clear, respectful, concise 🙂
    I will add your mudmap to the week three nutshell too.

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  2. […] mud map of friendship is crisp  and concise. I like her wordings which are respectful and […]

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  3. lorigreer says:

    As a class assignment once I had to make a similar map. At the time my husband was the at center. Since his death, it is sad but that center circle is blank. I hope someday to find someone who can fill that void.

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  4. lorigreer says:

    Thank you for your kind thoughts!

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