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Beautiful poetry by Tre from A Cornered Gurl.

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a cornered gurl


Bluesy Billie

She ain’t wild enough
To arch her swollen back,
Letting love walk all
Over her.
She never did care for
Sweet lips, pressed against
The pause of a kiss.
She woulda loved
A poem written in her honor,
Spoken over the crowd
Of people eager to
Drown in her blues.

She woulda toe-tapped at
Stink beats, funky enough to
Sway the shabby, digging deeper
Into the deep.
She ain’t living or loving
Life all dried up, too
Hurt to keep on
Keepin’ on.
But, we got her
Blues. We sing too.
We pussy-foot around love,
Beating every bush.

Lady ain’t one to
Care about your
Problems. She had plenty.
Many of them thrown
At her, weightless in their
Presence, heavy on
Her shoulders. She carried
Every one of them,
Giving each, their very
Own melody.

A Poem & A Picture A Day For Ten Days

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