Cut to the Chase: Renny

I hope you enjoyed reading Cut to the Chase.  This is the final installment told from Renny’s point of view.

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Eighteen months later…..

I was glad to be home. It had been a long trip, but worth it.  The team did well in the tournament and got to showcase their talent in front of a few college recruiters.

The house was still and quiet, meaning CJ and Cam were asleep. Even though I usually returned home well past their bed time, some nights they were wide awake when I walked into the house.

I checked all the entrance doors before making my way to the family room. Danny was fast asleep on the sectional.  He and Ma alternated staying at the house whenever I traveled.  I turned off the television, put my messenger bag in my office, and headed upstairs with my overnight bag.  I pushed open the door to my bedroom and smiled.

Both CJ and Cam were fast asleep in my bed. Courtney, Jr lay on my side of the bed while Cameron slept with his head on my wife’s lap.  Quickly approaching her due date, Lainey found it uncomfortable to completely lie down and usually slept propped on several pillows.

I carefully lifted my sons and placed them in their own beds. I returned to our bedroom and just watched Elaine sleep.  If possible, she was even more beautiful.  Unlike CJ and Cam, this pregnancy was more difficult.  She experienced morning sickness that lasted all day well into the second semester, having to spend a couple of nights in the hospital for dehydration.  Once we cleared that hurdle, Lainey started cramping and spotting, which required another stay in the hospital.  By her thirtieth week, she was on complete bed rest.  Once she was forced to slow down, many of the symptoms and discomforts she experienced seemed to disappear.

My wife never complained. She just took it all in stride, joking about being pregnant and damn near forty.  We were all anxious to meet the newest member of our family, Caitlyn Joy Reynolds.  According to the midwife, who now stopped by weekly to examine my wife, our daughter would arrive any day now.

I made way into the bathroom to shower. I thought about the last eighteen months of my life, all the wins and losses.  Losing Pop just about leveled me, and there were times when I didn’t know how I would survive.  Brandy did try to be there for me, but my ex-wife’s return thwarted her efforts.  Elaine like a breath of fresh air: seeing her show up at the church, watching her with the boys, having her in my home and eventually in my bed pretty much ended things between Brandy and me.

I admit it: I did string Brandy along, even though I knew we were over. I wasn’t ready to let my ex-wife back in yet, not quite sure if I could trust her with my heart again.  I knew Elaine would never intentionally hurt the boys, but I was unsure about her motives when it came to me.  Maybe it was just the grief making her stay; she could commiserate, having buried her own father.  But eventually, she would leave us again.  So I kept Brandy on standby, just in case.

I was an asshole to both of them. I finally leveled with Brandy, telling her once and for all we were done.  I can’t repeat all the things she said to me.  Not that it mattered.

After my shower, I slipped on a pair of basketball shorts and a t-shirt and lay down next to my wife.

“Renny?” Lainey murmured as I wrapped my arms around her.

I kissed her forehead. “It’s me, baby.”

“How was the tournament?” She yawned.

“Good. Good.  The kids played well in front of the scouts.”  Elaine grunted.  I sat up.  “What is it, baby?”

She sighed. “I’ve got to pee.  Again.  I swear this little girl sits right on my bladder,” she lamented.

I leaned over and kissed her hard, round belly. “Behave, Caity-girl,” I admonished before kissing my wife on her soft lips.  “Not much longer, Momma.”

“I know,” she yawned again before standing and walking into the bathroom.

I lay down and closed my eyes, waiting for Lainey to finish.

“Renny!” I jumped up and ran into the bathroom, startled by the urgency in her tone and our track record with this pregnancy.

“What is it, baby? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Nothing at all.  Everything’s perfect!” Lainey beamed.  “My water just broke.  Ready to meet our daughter?”


Copyright 2016 Kay Morris Writes


6 comments on “Cut to the Chase: Renny

  1. Joan says:

    This is so beautiful. I am glad I met you. Thanx to Jackie Oby-Okocha’s party.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww what a sweet, sweet end. Sometimes, a little turbulence brings out the best in a relationship. You’ve written so well Kay. I enjoyed following Lainey and Renny’s story 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay Morris says:

      Your kind words mean more to me than I can express! Thank you for being a part of this journey for the past few weeks!! Cut to the Chase is currently being edited, and I am on pins and needles 😔


  3. This gave me a really good laugh! Just what I needed this morning! Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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