Open Invitation Just For You…


Party at Jacqueline’s Cooking Pot this weekend!

It’s sure to be a rip, roaring good time 😀

Hope to see you there!

a cooking pot and twisted tales

Dancing, Party, Celebrate, Disco, Abstract, Colorful

Are you old or young blogger in this space?

Are you looking for fresh blood, erm I mean fresh blog to mingle with?

Are you friend, foe, neighbour or Island?

A party pooper or a party lover?

Whatever category you may find yourself, join us for our monthly shindig. It’s always fun and good blast.

Just in case you are still weighing the benefits, here are some of the reasons why you should party down 😉

  • You meet great folks
  • You enjoy good music
  • You eat good (fat-free, online) food.
  • You can laugh as loud as you like.
  • You can come along in your PJ’s and drag a pillow, nobody minds
  • You grow your blog
  • You wiggle your waist and shake a leg.
  • You get more eyeballs on your post.
  • ..and you meet fab folks. Oh ok, I said that before, but really, it’s a good way to meet so…

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