Introvert: Sorry I don’t Speak Very Well Sometimes …

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As an introvert, I enjoy reading articles and such on the topic.  I believe introversion, like a host of things, is not black and white, but has various shades and tones of gray.  No one is an introvert or an extrovert 100% of the time.

One area where I struggle mightily is conversation, and this is where my introvert tendencies are strongest.  I am not much of a talker, and I do not posses the gift of gab.  And small talk?  Forget it!  This article spoke to the anxiety I often feel and provides tips for how to overcome this challenge.

To my fellow introverts, is casual conversation a challenge for you?  And for those who love us, does this lack of conversational skill drive you crazy?  Let me know your thoughts!



Many introverts struggle with verbal communication. The introvert advantage in conversation has to do with subtlety. With a few small tweaks introverts can make great conversationalists.

Source: Introvert: Sorry I don’t Speak Very Well Sometimes …


13 comments on “Introvert: Sorry I don’t Speak Very Well Sometimes …

  1. Peaceful Journey says:

    I believe I’m more an introvert than extrovert, but as I learned more about myself I’ve begin to develop a healthier image. Since I am still growing and developing in this area, I find I can have a balance of the two. I agree, no one is probably 100% of either, but I believe if we try to balance our weaknesses and strengths, we may evolve more in our interactions with others. At least, I’ve found a comfortable median.

    My observation is plenty of writers are introverts. Writing allows an outlet to express internal thoughts. I do that best in my interactions, even when making comments online. I am far from my earlier days with my social interactions,and I have spoken before audiences through the years. But I was never comfortable, I just knew I had the capability and leaned towards believing in myself. I think as an introvert ,we must challenge ourselves a little more to move beyond our comfort zones.

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    • Kay Morris says:

      I agree; I express myself far better in writing. It gives me an opportunity to express myself freely.
      I do make efforts to engage in more small talk when necessary, but I am not at all comfortable with it.
      While I struggle with casual conversation, I have no problem with public speaking in front of large groups.


  2. zhyxtheman says:

    This picture rings true in so many ways. I’m an introvert most of the time until I’m approached. Then I sing like a bird. I’m just not that good at starting a conversation.

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  3. Pamela says:

    as a fellow introvert, I find that I am quite talkative but only to the people I feel comfortable with. It usually takes me atleast 5 interactions with someone before I get comfortable conversing with them. what I haven’t mastered yet is small talk. i just don’t get it…whats the point. i mean I can do it, but I find it mentally

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  4. I believe I am what they call ambivert, but I no longer define myself. There are moments I crave absolute silence and leave me alone times, and other times where I am a live wire.

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    • Kay Morris says:

      Ambivert? Interesting! Growing up, I was often labeled shy, anti-social, “sometimey” or “funny acting” none of which is acceptable behavior while living in the deep South. Once I discovered I was actual an introvert and there were others like me, it was a definite “ah-ha” moment ☺. Although I am still considered “stand-offish” by family and friends, I no longer upset by it or feel the need to pretend to be something else.


  5. I’m an introvert and I accept it. I am much better at small talk than I used to be. Writing over talking is so much better. Give me a pen and I will tell you what I really think. No awkward pauses on paper!

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  6. Joana Salazar says:

    As an introvert yes I hate conversations and small talks but give a topic that is interesting to me, I won’t stop talking. Also making friends is hard, it take months for me to consider a person as my friend when for them it just took days to consider me as their friend lol.

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