I wear the mask….

Inspirational message from THE PINK CARRONADE , also known as therevengewogger.  Please read and share 😀


I wear this mask.

To protect myself from whatever is going around at work. Fevers, stomach viruses, and colds. The mask makes me feel safer, invincible, protected from harm.

I get funny looks from co-workers. I assumed by now everyone knows about the cancer and chemo. Apparently I am wrong. I get people asking all the time.

I have decided that I needed a super hero name, or an avenger name or something. You know, since I am fighting the good fight and I wear a pink mask. My boss (who is my friend) and I spent time looking up synonyms for torpedo. We found one that fit closer to my size/personality. Carronade. The Pink Carronade! It is a short (get it) cannon used in the royal British military.

The nice thing about this mask: I can talk to myself and no one sees it. I can stick my tongue…

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