5 Ways Millennials Think Differently About Life

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Millennials (born between 1982 and 2004) are changing the way they do things. From where and how we choose to work to how we choose to spend our money.  Here are a few things that make millennials stick out from the rest of the generations before them.

  1. Mobility = Freedom

we are the millennials

We like to travel, work abroad, go on crazy adventures and drop everything to pursue what we love. Having the flexibility to do this means everything to us. Gone are the days where you graduate, get a well-paying job with a good pension, buy a white picket fence home and call it a day. We’re lucky if we can get a job in our field of study after graduation, let alone one with a good company pension…let’s not even start with the house. Because of the economic climate that many millennials graduated into and those whom will face this reality…

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