You Gotta Jump to be Successful

Today started out like any other.  After ensuring that my children arrived safely at their respective schools, I settled in for my twenty-five mile commute.  Cruising down the interstate at a brisk pace, I engaged in my favorite pastime as a responsible driver: scrolling rapidly through the presets on my radio.  This is generally a mindless activity as I seek to avoid commercials and political advertisements while anxiously awaiting the next traffic update, just in case an accident, stalled car, or adventurous animal necessitate an alternate route.

During the fifth rotation or so, the following words grabbed my attention, effectively halting the rapid movement of my index finger:

If you want to be successful, you have to jump; there is no way around it.

My ears perked up as I listen to one of my favorite entertainers, Steve Harvey, explained that success required taking risks.  So intrigued by his message, I did an internet search Steve Harvey jump in the parking garage before exiting my vehicle.  I found the clip on YouTube, and I wanted to share it here.  It is a short video, only 1 minute and 56 seconds but well worth it.  ENJOY!



21 comments on “You Gotta Jump to be Successful

  1. Miss Andi says:

    Thanks for sharing it, it’s totally true. The other quote I like in relation to this is: if it were easy, everybody would be doing it.

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  2. Marquessa says:

    True but sometimes scary to do!

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  3. Scary, but worthwhile when done 🙂 I will like to share this tomorrow Kay.

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  5. Jumping is the toughest part because it’s the first action.
    There might be harder challenges later, but overcoming the first kind of gives us the confidence to forge ahead.

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  6. kingsoracle says:

    I heard this a few weeks ago, and truly it is deep. Taking a risk at life’s expense always seems very difficult and daunting, but when we eventually make the ‘jump’ the result becomes a tangible reality evident to all. Thanks for sharing.:D

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