My Wellness Journey

I celebrate my birthday this month: the 25th anniversary of my sweet 16!

Last year, I celebrated the BIG 4-0!  My husband planned a trip to the Dominican Republic to celebrate, and as a lover of all things ocean-related, I counted the days until our departure.  As much as I love the beach, I was always self-conscious about swimwear.  This time, however, I was determined to leave those doubts behind.  I made a commitment to wear a bikini for the first time since high school.  Long story short, I reached, actually exceeded, my goal  We had a blast in the DR!  Most importantly is the confidence I gained and how I felt good in my own skin.

As I approach another birthday, I admit that I’ve fallen back into my old habits.  This is a perfect time to get back on track.   Over the next few weeks, I plan to share how I improved my overall health.  I am neither an expert, nor do I have it all figured out.  I do believe that blogging about this experience will help me reach my goals.

Along the way, I would LOVE to hear from my fellow bloggers: tips, recipes, workouts, etc.  I believe in the buddy system so I invite you to share your success as well!

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To health!



8 comments on “My Wellness Journey

  1. You are beautiful Kay. As you add another year, may it come with lots of blessed moments and grace. Good luck my lady 😇

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