Waxing Poetic Wednesday: Finding Your Place

Finding Your Place

by Stacy Davis Stanton

I have to take journey through time

And find a place to call my own

In doing so, I must know where I’m going

And think of where I’ve gone.

This journey will allow me to search myself

For a purpose to which I belong

I may stumble over some bumps in the road

But I won’t fall…I’m just to strong.

This journey will give me time to think

Over the purpose for my life

There may be seasons of high achievement

And others filled with strife.

I will not take a disposition of defeat

Because who I am matters too much

I will bring you along if you’re to go

But I place no stock in giving up.

The playing field is not an equal one

Or that is what I’ve been told.

But make no mistake, I won’t be discouraged

Because I’m worth my weight in gold.

Do not give up, and never give in

There are too many rewards abound

Know that your place is an important one

And you’ll get your due renown.

You’re charged with giving all that you have

To be all that you aspire to be

Your intellect and the spirit within

Will take you farther than you can see.

Allow yourself to be driven

By the sacrifices that you make

You’ll be faced with conquering laborious tasks

In the process of finding your place.

Your achievements, they will be many

While your accolades may be few.

But don’t falter because no one’s calling your name

Or making a fuss over you!

Be a facilitator of change

A trailblazer for those who follow

Don’t become stagnant in your efforts

As if waiting on tomorrow.

You see, I have made a decision

To make life count while I am here

You must strive to do the same

Do not possess the spirit of fear.

Having credentials behind your name

Is merely a starting place

But to see positive change because of the work that you’ve done…

That’s what you call finding your place!







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