Writing 101, Day 4: The Journey

writing 101 - woman_in_woods

It’s all up to me now. No one was here to walk with me.  This is my journey and mine alone.  I would be fine during the day, when the sun shined brightly and led the way.  Things are clearer and easier to navigate in daylight.  Night would be my true test.  I’d be all alone, no one to guide me or walk along beside me, just the night and the shadows that follow.

Would it always be like this? Would I always walk alone?  Am I meant to travel this this way on my own?  No one to comfort me, no one to help along the way.  Would help me when I stumbled?  Would anyone catch me to break my fall?  And when I did fall, who would help me get up, dust myself off, and continue on?

Now that my mother was gone, who would help me?

Word count: 149

This is my response to Writing 101, Day 4: A story in a single image:

For this exercise, use one of the images above as the creative spark for today’s post. You might use it as the setting for a story or poem, write about how it makes you feel, or describe a memory conjured by it.


4 comments on “Writing 101, Day 4: The Journey

  1. I want to know more about the pending journey. 🙂

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  2. Better to set off whilst daylight still abounds.wondering how she fared?

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