Waxing Poetic Wednesday: Sometimes

journey cover


            By Stacy Davis Stanton

Sometimes you must listen to others

Before you can speak your mind.

Sometimes a rainy day must come

Before the sun can shine.

Sometimes you must do what is wrong

Before you can do what is right.

Sometimes you must be an observer

Before you can take the spotlight.

Sometimes you must face failure

Before you’ll know what it’s like to succeed.

Sometimes you must follow the paths of others

Before you can take the lead.

Sometimes you must be at your worst

Before you can be at your best.

Sometimes you must shed a tear

Before you find happiness.

Sometimes you must lose life’s battles

Before victory is yours to claim.

Sometimes you must be an unknown

Before you can find your fame.

Sometimes you must lean on others

Before you can lend a hand.

Sometimes you must be dumbfounded

Before you truly understand.

Sometimes you must build on weaknesses

As they help you to be encouraged.

But once you have discovered your strengths

You should never be discouraged.

Journey of a Renewed Spirit: A Collection of Motivational Poetry by Stacy Davis Stanton is available at http://www.amazon.com/Journey-Renewed-Spirit-Collection-Motivational/dp/059534366X


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