Waxing Poetic Wednesday: A Walk to Forever

journey cover

A Walk to Forever

By Stacy Davis Stanton

In a garden of tranquil days and nights

We catch a glimpse of peace

We walk towards eternity

With only us within our reach

I see a sunlit sky

Shining through the passion in your eyes

I hold you close, our hearts in sync

It’s in this place our true love lies

Flowers blossom all around us

Dewdrops dance upon their face

If I could put forever in a bottle

I’d leave it right here in this place

You look into my eyes

As if you see into my soul

This dream we share is a fairytale

Just waiting to be told

The trees around hold out their branches

As if to provide a safety net

I close my eyes, breathe in sunlight

This moment cannot end yet

Your embrace is like a rainbow

Wrapped around me after the rain

The storms may come and rage throughout

But, even after, our true love remains

A butterfly floats quietly through

As if to have no care or fear

We walk toward our piece of forever

I know that we belong here

Nature softly sings our song

As we dance towards tomorrow

A million times will I walk with you

Just lead and I will follow

Credit:  Journey of a Renewed Spirit: A Collection of Motivational Poetry by Stacy Davis Stanton

Available on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Journey-Renewed-Spirit-Collection-Motivational/dp/059534366X


5 comments on “Waxing Poetic Wednesday: A Walk to Forever

  1. Delicately beautiful 😊

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