Waxing Poetic Wednesday: Dear Mother

This week’s offering is a poem entitled Dear Mother written by my sister and my friend Stacy Davis Stanton.  Her eloquent words are a wonderful tribute to my Mom and mothers everywhere.

Dear Mother

My life could have been so rough

And I could have gone astray

But it’s because of all the strength you imparted

That I’m standing here today

I came to you with nothing

You gave me what I needed to grow

You never assumed I didn’t need you

Just taught me what you thought I should know

Your agape love knew no bounds

Though flawless I was not

You looked past my imperfections

It was only goodness that you sought

You held me to a standard

Higher than what I thought I’d achieve

When State planted his seeds of doubt

You reminded me to believe

You frowned upon self-pity

And shunned the sight of defeat

You taught me that to find my place

I may endure a little heat

You brought me into the knowledge of Christ

And helped me know His grace

You taught me in all I must go through

That I must always seek His face

You never made me feel as though

My existence burdened you any

You opened up, gave me room to fly

And taught me to be canny

You often said your life was whole

Because you had me here

The truth of the matter is my days were richer

Because I always had you near!

Credit: Journey of a Renewed Spirit: A Collection of Motivational Poetry by Stacy Davis Stanton available on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Journey-Renewed-Spirit-Collection-Motivational/dp/059534366X)


3 comments on “Waxing Poetic Wednesday: Dear Mother

  1. Oh my! I am going to send this poem to my mother. Lovely! Just lovely! Are they only available online?

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