Waxing Poetic Wednesday: Yes, My Voice Will be Heard

This week’s poem is near and dear to my heart.  The author is my best friend, my sister, my mentor, and my shero.  She is one of the most accomplished people I know, and I consider it an honor and a privilege to rub shoulders with her.

In 2005, she published her first book, a collection of motivational poetry entitled Journey of a Renewed Spirit.  I am proud to share selection from this book entitled “Yes, My Voice Will be Heard” by my friend, Mrs. Stacy Davis Stanton.

As I learn to speak my mind

How my eyes do clearly see

That as I stand behind myself

It’s easier to believe in me.


I reach deep within my heart and soul

And the person that I do find

Is one who has a voice to be heard

And a spirit to share with mankind.


Yes, my voice will be heard

And my heart will sing its song

And the person who lurks inside of me

Will, each day, be made strong.


A silent soul is a lonely soul

That longs to speak its peace

And once it’s allowed to open up

It has a whole new world to release.


My voice shall soar like a shooting star

In all its glory and splendor

And all the dreams I dare to dream

I will gladly care to render.


As I speak the words of my heart

I reveal my soul’s mystique.

Yes, my voice will be heard

And it’s a voice that’s simply unique.

Journey of a Renewed Spirit by Stacy Davis Stanton (http://www.amazon.com/reader/059534366X/ref=rdr_sb_li_hist_1&state=01111#reader_B007F7VMOO)


6 comments on “Waxing Poetic Wednesday: Yes, My Voice Will be Heard

  1. Stunning. Thanks for sharing this. It’s hard to make our voices heard sometimes. Great encouragement here, like a fight song!


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  3. Wow! Truly motivational!

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