Waxing Poetic Wednesday: Autumn


For my inaugural Waxing Poetic Wednesday, I’m playing tribute to my favorite season, Autumn.  The cool, crisp mornings.  The breath taking sunsets.  The beautiful foliage. And most importantly, FOOTBALL!  Autumn is a like a breath of fresh air.  Cleansing.  Invigorating.

Autumn by Joan Mitchell

The rusty leaves crunch and crackle,
Blue haze hangs from the dimmed sky,
The fields are matted with sun-tanned stalks —
Wind rushes by.
The last red berries hang from the thorn-tree,
The last red leaves fall to the ground.
Bleakness, through the trees and bushes,
Comes without sound.

Source: Autumn by Joan Mitchell : Poetry Magazine


2 comments on “Waxing Poetic Wednesday: Autumn

  1. I love Joni’s words and these are beautiful. They remind me of another of seasonal choice of hers — Urge for Going. Almost makes me cry every time, although I love fall I hate to see the end of summer.

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