Writing as a Habit: Inspired by the great Octavia Butler

I hate housework. Cleaning, tidying, and organizing all make me cringe. Of course, I blame my mother for my aversion because she required me, her eldest child and only daughter, to clean the entire house from top to bottom. The result is an adult woman who detests cleaning and doesn’t really require her own children to do so. Thank goodness my husband takes up the slack in that regard, or we would live in filth, squalor and chaos.

My dislike for cleaning and organizing tends to spill into other areas of my life. My office at work is a disaster in progress. I’d post a picture, but I am too embarrassed to share. Now I can see my blog following the road to disorganization and clutter, and it ends today.


Re-organizing my blog will improve the look, making it easier to navigate. Second, tidying up clears the clutter both literally and figuratively. At present, my writing and posting is sporadic at best. I post if and when I have time (which I never do) or whenever inspiration hits. Not very effective. At. All.

Habit OButler

So I came up with a plan to help me stay organized and refine my writing habits. I will post new material each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Each week will start with Mood Music Monday where I kick off the work week with an inspirational song.

Midweek will be marked with Waxing Poetic Wednesday where I’ll post poetry. And because I do not have a poetic bone in my body, I invite my fellow bloggers to send me your favorite poems. Please!

In true TGIF fashion, I will have a Freestyle Friday where anything goes. Posts will include flash fiction, writing prompts, works in progress, and other personal musings.

I’ve got a plan; now on to execution. No more excuses.

Write Daily OButler



One comment on “Writing as a Habit: Inspired by the great Octavia Butler

  1. I love the quote about cleaning the toilet rather than writing. Very funny 🙂 Now, go get your broom! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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