Working Day and Night

All the people on the planet

Working 9 to 5 just to stay alive

How come?

Beyonce – “Haunted”

The past month has been CRAZY at work. I mean super crazy: working until 10:00 pm, only to return the next morning at 8:00 am to start all over again. The work never ends. The more you do, the more there is to be done. This pace is draining mentally, physically and emotionally, not just for me but also for my family. But until I hit the lottery or publish my bestseller and sell the rights to a movie starring Denzel Washington, it’s off to work!

My personal obligations also suffer, as these are the first things to go when the going gets tough. Working twelve to fourteen hour days means no daily workouts and a diet of convenience with little to no nutritional value (as a woman of certain age, this can be catastrophic!). Reading and writing become distant memories. Literally, my life is work, eat, and sleep. Repeat. I can’t even stay awake long enough to read or write one page (cue the MJ!).


Interestingly enough, this unintentional break is just what I need. In a strange way, I am both renewed and refreshed in my exhaustion. My passion burns even brighter.  I’ve downloaded about a dozen books I can’t wait to read. The voices are BACK, and they louder and clearer than ever. Now I must unleash them and set them free by putting pen to paper.


So back to the original question: working nine-to-five just to stay alive how come? I work so I can write. Writing empties my mind and fills my soul. I am refreshed, and ready for the 9-to-5.  Sounds strange, but it’s true. At least that’s what the voices tell me!

They talk to me



3 comments on “Working Day and Night

  1. Sigh!!!! Seriously, there are days I wish we had 36 hours per day!

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  2. Honestly, I sometimes feel like a hamster😊 the cycle never ends right.

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