The Itch

The itch to create!

curing the itch

I’m talking about that nagging itch in your medula oblongata. That itch to create. Something. Anything.

For me, it’s writing. For you, it might be painting. Or sketches. Or poems. Novels, graphic art, FEATURE FILMS! Anything that produces the feelgood-hormones in your brain.

If you are a creative person, you already know where I’m coming from. It’s an itch that we bear all the  time, and only the art of creation can satisfy it.

This itch has its roots in our early childhood. We all have that passion for Creating when we are kids. Unfortunately, we grow up. But not all of us bring along that passion with us.

IMG_20150731_204307[1] My 8-year-old brother’s drawings reminded me of the innocent creativity that we leave behind us.

If you’re lucky, it comes back one day. Eventually. If you keep an open mind and be willing to take some risks, it will happen. It will come back as that itch.


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One comment on “The Itch

  1. Better give it a thorough scratch.

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