My Review of Less Than Forever by Jacinta Howard

Less than Forever is the third installment in Jacinta Howard’s Love Always series.  Dorian Thomas and Raven Daniels met in college, and the attraction between the two of them was instant.  They develop a close, flirtatious, but platonic relationship that withstands both time and distance.  Dorian and Raven eventually succumb to the living, breathing sexual tension that pulses between them.  Now that the line has been crossed and they now live in the same city, they must decide what’s next

Dorian is ready to abandon his playboy ways to explore the possibilities of a relationship, but Raven is conflicted.  She loves Dorian, but fears losing both her heart and her best friend in the process.  Unable to stay away from one another, Dorian and Raven embark upon an intense relationship, unchartered territory for them both.  They discover that the road to happily ever after is anything but straight and narrow.  Raven struggles to trust Dorian given his history with women and her own history with other men.  Despite his best intentions, Dorian’s past continues to infringe upon his present and threatens to derail his and Raven’s future. They must both decide if the love they have for one another is enough.

I enjoyed this story and highly recommend the entire Love Always series.  Less than Forever is beautifully written with realistic, well-developed characters.  It is the third installment in the Love Always series, and presents a natural progression of the franchise.  Less than Forever reminds us that love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things; love never fails.


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