Confessions of a social media convert

Ok.  I admit it: after less than a week on Facebook, I am a social media convert.  Yep, all it took was a few days, and I AM HOOKED.

Let me explain: Until recently, I had little interest in or use for social media.  I just did not see how it would benefit or enrich my life.  I am an intensely private person, and I don’t really like to share (my oldest child syndrome).  My life is fairly simple: I go to work and then go home to my family.  Perfectly ordinary.  Why would I need to be on social media?  My life is pretty full already.

Once I decided to come out of my shell and seriously pursue my dream of becoming an author, I had to step out in more ways than one.  So I started this blog to showcase my work.  Then I considered what next.  I needed to branch out, broaden horizons (sounds cliché, I know).  An opportunity to join a review group landed in my inbox, but a Facebook account was required.

So I took the plunge!  Man!  My only complaint so far is what took me so long.  This has been wonderful.  A like from both Elizabeth Hunter and Love Belvin (*giggles*).  An author chat with Jacinta Howard (so there!).  A comment from Nia Forrester (happy dance!).  Nana Malone’s Sassy Street Team (sign me up!).  I am as giddy as a school girl!

Facebook has inspired me and renewed my enthusiasm.  As I follow my favorite authors, I discovered a tribe of fellow readers who share my passion for the written word.  Now I know I am not the only person to stalk Amazon at 12:01 am on a new release day.  And then again at 6:05 am before I even get out of bed.  (Don’t judge me.)  I discovered authors that provide additional insights into their work and about the characters I’ve come to know and love (or know and despise).  This is huge because I invest in each book that I read; I completely immerse myself in the experience.  Discovering both readers and authors who share my passion is invigorating.  I am connected.  I am accepted.  I am normal (or a little less abnormal.  Maybe?).

Now that I’ve joined Facebook, I am ready to take on other social media platforms.  What to try next? Instagram.  Pinterest.  Twitter.  #IAMREADY


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